Baby Steps…

Visiting a farmer’s market awakens all my senses rendering the experience inherently sensual… I mean there is this connection that happens when the gap between what is in my plate and its source is basically reduced to a little canopied stand in an urban field. It is almost as if I were harvesting the goods myself… Well, in a way, I am harvesting: harvesting from the golden roots of our local artisans. Harvesting: from ingredients to information to recipes to kitchen tools and instruments… It has become the inspiration and my passion. Harvesting Dinner, my new at blogging blog, is being nurtured, watered, pruned, fed and weeded! I am still trying to navigate my way through the options available on my dashboard while collecting things I think may be of interest. For instance, I have yet to figure out how on earth I can organize my posts under the different tabs I put in place. I am totally not getting this one at all. Secondly, I have not been able to reduce the size of the main picture of my blog to a normal one. So it seems when my blog pops up, the picture takes up the entire screen. Lastly, even though I am not a novice at technology, I am baffled by things such as widgets and tags and categories. So I guess I am a techno baby! Since I do not have endless hours to spend on tutorials and trial & error, you will have to bear with me on this. Life is an endless and exciting journey of learning, including the ins and outs of the wonderful world of cyber connections, lingo and lexicology. IMG_1899.JPG


2 thoughts on “Baby Steps…

  1. I can help! First of all, the categories you have set up (memoir, recipes, local foodie) look good. Whenever you are making a post, and you are on the editing screen for that post, you will see a box in the right hand column called “category”. (There’s also one for tags – but to match with the main menu items, you want the “category” section.) Click the category you want this post to fall into before you hit Publish.

    If you’ve already published the post, you can still go back and put it in a category – look at the list of posts under “posts” on the dashboard – for each, if you hover over the title, you’ll see a little pop-up menu appear underneath the title with an “edit” option. Click edit to edit the post, then find the “category” box in the right hand column. Choose the category you want, then click “Update” (where the “Publish” button usually is) to change the post to include the category.

    As for the header image, it needs cropping with image editing software. I’ve actually already made a cropped version for you. Send me your email at and I’ll send you the new image. I’m not completely familiar with your theme so I’m not exactly sure how to replace the current image with the new one (possibly under appearance –> header, or possibly it’s some sort of slider) – hopefully you know that part!


    1. Thank you soooooo much for this! I was actually thinking I should reserve a session with you in the near future. It may help speed up the process at my end: I always do so much better with ahnds-on than just reading instructions. I really appreciate this Lynn!


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