The ever elusive «me» time

My dear blog, I miss you… The last few weeks have taken me in another direction. Spring cleaning has really made a dent on leisure time but it could not be pushed off any longer. Tender loving care has been poured into the cottage over the course of 3 full weekends, including minor renovations and normal «opening it for the season» chores. The city home was also begging for that deep spring scrub. Since retirement is not yet in the cards for me, my hobbies have been put on temporary simmer, including recipe exploration, elaborate meal planning and writing, while I tend to mundane domestic diva chores. I must also admit that spring body cleaning in the form of  dieting has been taking me away from the «fun» in the kitchen. All of you who live in my neck of the woods know how harsh this past winter has been. So harsh in fact that physical activity (well, for me anyway) came to a screeching halt. A few (ahem, let’s define a few LOL) pounds were accumulated not only due to inertia but for the need to cosy up in the kitchen creating dishes meant warm up the bellies and the souls but maybe a little bit too calorie-dense to feed muscles that were barely moving! So since early May, I have focused my meals on the lighter side of things and I have managed to shed most of those little creepy crawler winter pounds. AWESOME. The down side of this mandatory body re-adjustment is the complete lack of inspiring dishes and meal stories to relate 😦 So needless to say, I am experiencing writer withdrawals. I am also looking forward to the near future when weekend time equals leisure time. If all goes as planned, next weekend should mark the end of the «must do big jobs» and the official start of the lazy, hazy season. Coincidentally, June 21, at 16:38, marks the arrival the summer solstice … Hmmm… My timing couldn’t be better…


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