About Harvesting Dinner

Three meals a day… Or so the saying goes. Harvesting Dinner is about gathering everything essential to concoct simple everyday dishes to exquisite celebratory meals. It is about foraging through local eateries, butchers shops, fishmongers, bakers, farmers markets and other food artisans boutiques. It is about sitting at a table with family and friends, stretching the conversation over lovingly prepared foods. It is about relishing the hand crafted meal assembled by a humble chef. Harvesting Dinner is also about a journey of self discovery tangled in the pleasures of the table and the effrontery of a scale, my never-ending pursuit of a slimmer me, through cooking, tasting, sampling and experimenting. Ultimately, Harvesting Dinner is hoping to be a feast for those who like me, wake up thinking of food, read cookbooks from cover to cover and go to sleep with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads…


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